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  • Date: 12/17/2014 12:00:00 AM
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Team Members

  • Navid Amin Aghaee

    Navid Amin Aghaee

  • Ardalan Shahverdi

    Ardalan Shahverdi

    UX/UI Designer | Front-End Developer


  • html5
  • mvc
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Gamification System

The main purpose of this section is to disseminate knowledge by motivating users. To gain users' points of interest, they should study the content and share with their friends, participate in relevant tests and invite their friends to Vidalo to Earn points of the activities of their friends. 
Pages and main sections:

  • View Top users to create competition between them  View
  • Top Provinces, display information on the map of Iran and view the best provinces and top users  View
  • Users can view their activity list View

Modern and Dynamic lessons

Tutorials that do not fit in a video or an article!  We have given Modern the name of this training.

For example, Solar System : In this tutorial, you can interact with different planets in terms of dimensions, speed, and distance, and click on any planet to get more information.  

Another tutorial that is used on  website is training that can be obtained by clicking anywhere on the image of that section.   Famouse People of word     Iranian Nowrooz table

Facilities Training Section

Vidoal website includes video, article, image gallery, tutorial, etc. All of these pages share common features:

  • Ability to Like, comment, add to the next study list, share, download and etc.
  • Each article is a major author and supplier and source.
  • The content is categorized and grouped and access to related content is easily accessible.
  • Each page has an internal menu that allows access to all sections at the top of the page.

Knowledge System

The name of the company Vidoal is the Institute of Ideas and Knowledge. We have come up with the name of the idea and built a three-dimensional space that all of our tutorials show that clicking on each one can see that tutorial.


Testing system

On the Vidoal website, any educational material can have a test. Anyone can answer each single question once, and the correct answer is positive and the wrong answer has a negative rating.